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Warning: T-Cest TMNT Brother Love
Pairings: Leo/Don : Mikey/Leo : Raph/Don
Summery: April has officially announced her feelings for Casey and after a heart to heart with Donnie explained she just sees him as an awesome brother. However there may be something Donnie's been missing for years, he wonders why he never noticed before.

I do not own any rights to TMNT or the characters there of. All ideas are original and any similarities or names used are strictly coincidence.

Raph made his way to the garage stopping just outside the sliding metal door; he tried to think of how to tell Donnie his feelings and grunted in frustration when nothing came to mind. Finally kicking himself into gear he opened the door only to find the space vacant, looking around he found no sign of the genius or the second bike. Before his emotions could turn to darker conclusions he caught sight of his shell cycle, the old girl had a fresh coat of candy apple red paint with emerald green detailing on the sides and face. The metal had been polished to a chrome-like finish and on the freshly restored leather seat was his worn red biker's jacket. Striding up to the gift he found a quickly written note sitting on top of the old jacket.

Meet you at the docks. Just sign the back before you get there

Skeptical Raph flipped over to the blank side of the paper and saw a clear black line with an X asking for his mark. Using a sharpie left on the ground he scratched his signature and stuffed the paper quickly in his jacket pocket. As he mounted his baby he couldn’t calm the butterflies in his gut as he raced off into the cloudy night. No ominous moon leering over him, no stars to witness the obvious traffic violations he pulled racing through the streets, all to get to the one calling him. He was enflamed, every muscle tensed with excitement for what was to come. Donnie always had the best ideas when he got creative, and when he was impassioned with a plan he always went over the top to get what he wanted. Right now what Donnie wanted most was him, the brainless, meat-head, prick; a guy like Don wanted him and there was nothing that was going to keep the red banded brazier from getting to him. Skidding around the last alley corner with neck breaking speed, Raph came upon his familiar crowd but nearly crashed into a stack of shipping crates when he saw what was on the runway waiting for him.

Seductively clad in his Nightwatcher leathers and boots Donnie sat with his back arched into his shell so it rested on the back end of what Raph could only describe later as sex on wheels. The old beater he’d won months ago was hidden and transformed into a sleek piece of machine, new engine and lines polished to perfection, neon lights the alternated between purple and red illuminated the fully restored body. The paint job alone had him ready to jump the genius right on the runway; all a midnight purple polished almost black into the metal, along the left side face was mask of red with brilliant gold eyes my eyes glaring at any rider who dared to challenge him. But on the right just peaking over was a mask of vibrant eggplant with the chocolate red eyes hooded by olive lids beckoning any to follow its gaze across the front to the bold stare opposite. The tail pieces were a blend of blood red and twilight indigo with the New York skyline in all its glory, the city lights gleaming like stars trapped in a swirling nova against a deep sky.

Looking back to the rider his breath caught in his chest and he once again had to recover himself. Donnie looked damn hot in black, but he’s taken away the guards and metal plates replacing them with purple padding and silver is that fucking wire? He sewn the pieces with thing silver wire to glisten in the lights around him so that it looked like an illusion passing over his thin strong shoulders, succulent sides and hips, and ghosting over the strong joints in his arms and legs. Swallowing the saliva pooling in his mouth Raph finally made a move to the starting line shaking off the nerves and discomfort in his own biker leathers. As he took his set he saw Don hand off a slip of paper to the skimpy clad official, she read over it and smiled as she sauntered over to him; puzzled he looked at the other racer with confusion. Don patted his side where in Raph’s own pocket was the slip of paper he’d signed, pulling it out Raph tried to make out the dark writing that had suddenly appeared above his signature. Unable to make anything out through the tinted shield of his helmet he gave up and handed it to the woman slightly annoyed at the chuckle that escaped his brother.

As the official called for the start Raph once more was amazed at the purr of the new bike next to him, the flag was dropped and to his shock Don let her loose. The roar of the engine vibrated his bones and like a streaming comet Don had pulled ahead of him, not one to loose his rep Raph pushed his baby to the brink and shifted to open it up. Much to his dismay the old girl hit 120 and began to decline once more. The finish line was only 100ft away and Don was already a good 5 feet ahead, reving up  the engine again he hit the peak and again it backed down.

“What the shell?” Paniced he looked ahead to see if his brother had noticed his distress. The look he took in made his beak break out in his best grin and stoked a raging inferno in his loins.

Donnie had looked over his shoulder at his brother’s second failed attempt to catch him with a gleam of mischief. Briefly opening his visor he blew a kiss to the hot head with a flirtation wink and in a shot closed it as he flew across the finish almost a full 12 yards ahead of the renowned biker. As Raph pulled up beside him he laid down his bike as gently as he could in a hurry, wrapping the thinner frame in powerful sweaty arms.

“You son of a bitch, you put a fucking limiter on my girl so you could smoke me.” Squeezing the shell tighter he groaned and growled looming over the winner. “You’re gonna pay for that little brotha I swear but I’m too damn horny to be mad now.”

What Donnie’s reply would have been to such crude words was unknown as a crowd of Raph’s buddies surrounded them. The Asian official gave each racer’s neck a luscious kiss and handed Donnie both papers. Soon the crowd was forced to disperse after a cocky declaration of revenge from the red racer and a promise to get even. Both brothers went home racing through the streets of New York crossing paths on the pavement and just as the neared the garage the sky let loose. Supporting his bike with his legs Don removed the helmet and tossed it in the door to the garage and beamed at Raphael who had removed his helmet as well letting the rain trace perfect wet lines over his strong features. His brilliant gold eyes glistened in the glow of the street lamps around them; laughing at himself Donnie motioned for the brawler to follow him once more and sped off toward central park.  Curious and thrilled the red banded ninja followed looking at the scene ahead and more than ever thanking whatever god there may be for this moment. He slowed to a stop just on the edge of the main pond lost in the picture of Donnie leaning arms crossed against his motorbike looking up into the stormy sky.

“You sure have the best dreams Raphie.” Don averted his gaze from the light show above to bask in the warmth of his brother as the large arms encircled his waist. He leaned into the fire enfolded within the flames he never more at home.

“You saw mine, heh, no fair brainiac. But now ya know, I’ve been burning with these feelings for years Donnie-boy an’ I can’t hold ‘em back after tonight. I…I don’t wanna be alone Don, and…the one I want ta be with foreva is you.” Walking around but keeping contact he looked down at those big brilliant eyes and begged with all his soul Don felt the same.

Looking down Donnie felt his heart clench and flutter, he had to keep his cool, remain calm and not be a dork for once in his life. Sucking in deep breath timid fingers produced the documents he’d won pushing them into the broad chest adjacent his own. Watching as his brother read them over he began to become overwhelmed with uncertainly, though he knew the feelings the emerald turtle harbored for him, he hoped it wasn’t too bold a step.

I the undersigned hereby agree to the terms and conditions as expressed below and under fierce penalty of death also accept responsibility for upholding these terms.

Firstly, I agree to be a servant as well as a leader within the confines of love and loyalty.

I agree to give as much as I take even giving more in appropriate conditions asking nothing of the other party.

I vow to remain persistent in my feelings for undersigned, and will not betray or be unfaithful ender strict punishment of death.

I understand that my life is not my own and will act as such considering the thoughts and opinions of the co-signed before taking risks.

I promise to share quarters and divide the estate equally within pre-set rules of cohabitation.

Lastly, I understand that this contract is legal and binding and will fulfill with the best of my ability until I can no longer do so in life.


Raph read over the agreement again and didn’t care if the company saw the tears well up in his gold orbs. For on the line was his hasty mark providing a willing party and binding contract with his passionate new mate.

“Raph…I…it took me a while but you, you’ve always been my light. Even when I didn’t think I needed it you protected me from everything heh even myself. I never noticed how much I need and rely on you. I…I love you Raphael.” Eyes still cast down Donnie confessed his soul to his brother looking up he knew his feelings reached their mark. As he cried Raphael untied both their masks and locking wrists with the olive terrapin retied them together binding his own promise.

“I accept your terms Donnie and promise I’ll neva lettin’ ya down.” With one last look at the braided fabric he swept the smaller up in his strong arms and gave him the deepest kiss he’d ever given in his life.

Donnie embraced his new mate returning the kiss with equal passion, he dared a taste of the larger male and was rewarded with a deeper examination. Never had his skin burned so hot, his shell felt so tight, and his heart so full as it did in the emerald embrace. Breathless and on cloud nine Donnie stared up doe-eyed at the musky goliath that held him.

“I’ve got it in writing, so by all accounts you’re mine too. But you can put me down now, otherwise we’ll never get home.” They both erupted in childish laughter as the sky gave way to a full bright moon that seemed to shine it’s silver beams on the pair. Kissing across new and old machines they shared one last breath before breaking and revving their machines to life.

“You’re gonna take that damn limiter off my baby when we get back right?” Raph asked as he rolled up beside his brother’s bike turning around.

“Tell ya what, I won’t go over 120 if you beat me not only will I take it off, I’ll let you ride me.” Winking he was off like a rocket spinning up turf and rocks as he b-lined out of sight.

Gawking at the suggestive prize Raph had a late start chasing after the light stream. “I knew I loved ‘im for more than his ass.” Roaring with pride into the night he chased his love down the streets to their home where eager hearts awaited the outcome of their night ride.

Morning came and two pairs of lovers joined each other at the breakfast table, jeers and glances were in abundance even as their father came to join the happy frey he too picked at his sons threatening to make his own claim should new love hinder their training or teamwork. With a laugh Splinter rapped his youngest and second eldest on the heads with his cane, “You two will be grounded with each other as your partners train at the river side.” Chuckling he took his tea to the living room for his stories. Leaving the dreaded thought of having to sit and do nothing as the love of their lives got hot and sweaty in clear glistening water.

“Leo I swear if you take it easy on me you won’t get laid for a month!” Mikey warned as he maneuvered a strawberry of the leader’s plate.

“And if I miss a chance at see’n Don wet and hot fer me I’m gonna break your face fearless.”

Leo laughed and threw up his hands in surrender looking at his family with renewed love and joy, he could not help but admire the power of the passions they had found in each other. As he stood and called each of his brothers to join him in the dojo for training he could not help but muse at the thought

So this is Love
I can't believe there is but one more peice to this story and I will move onto my main idea. So here it is Donatello's plan in all it's glory! Stay tuned for the last installment comming soon!

Shout outs to :iconorangebarmy: :iconhummerhouse: :icongameguy199: and :iconkameboxer: Each have played a key role in this story's creation and development if you've not read their works please do!

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KaguriaKitsune Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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KaguriaKitsune Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
My uncles do dirt bike racing so I tried to capture the excitement of two people racing for more than just victory.
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KaguriaKitsune Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yea Raph is a softy but Donnie is brilliant. That scene I've had in my head since ch2.
orangebarmy Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
what a fantastic plan by donatello, the perfect way to further dig himself into raphs heart
KaguriaKitsune Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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